The Victoria Hurricanes played host to the Victoria Association of Disabled Citizens at their first home game of the season.  All involved ran the field and even ran a play for a touchdown during halftime.  For their efforts, they received medals from team owner Rudy Guzman and the Hurricane football team.  Those invited enjoyed the royal treatment and have become lifelong fans of the Hurricanes.


April 3, 2017

On Saturday night, we honored students from Patti Welder Middle School for their hard work and achievement despite having the adversities of life hit them hard.  Patti Welder has been struck with classmates taking their own lives.  Each has their own reasons but they all point to bullying.  Bullying is use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.  Bullying can occur physically, verbally, socially, and cyber bulling.

The Victoria Hurricanes organization said that they are against the bullying of any kind.  And ask fans and friends to join in the fight against it.  We are proud of our children in so many ways and we must begin by showing that pride and encouragement by helping them in the event they are being bullied.  So the Hurricanes unite and help in that fight by recognizing students who have fought through the tears and the fear of losing their classmates. 


The Hurricanes have also attended the Domestic Violence Awareness Meeting on October 13th, 2016 to learn more about domestic violence and are learning ways to bring awareness to the problem that many families face on a regular basis.

In the past, the Bay City Texans participated in the Minor League Football Toy Drive Jamboree Classic last season against the Houston Lobos, winning 18-0.  Bay City also hosted the Texas Shootout between the Edinburg Landsharks , Wharton County Panthers, and the Third Coast Hard Hittaz.  The game benefitted the Women’s Crisis Center in their hometown.  At halftime of the game, the Texans also honored 20 students from Linnie Robert Elementary School plus one faculty member from the school.   


In the one season of existence for the Bay City Texans, they carried a tradition that was started by the Victoria Texans.  Victoria enjoyed four CASA Bowls.  The Victoria Texans started the tradition of charity games back in 2011 with the first one, CASA Bowl I between the Texans and the Texas Wranglers.  Proceeds benefitted the Golden Crescent CASA Organization.  Victoria also hosted Toys for Tots game in December of 2014 against the Wharton County Panthers.  Wharton County was joined by the Hard Hittaz and the Brazoria County Razorbacks. The Texans also gave $500 to the school so students that were in need could have necessary school supplies.

Leading these events each and every time was team owner Rudy Guzman.  Guzman’s compassion and love of giving has been contagious to his players as they have learned the joy of giving.  These young men are taking a cue from Guzman’s leadership and making it their own.  

Guzman wants to continue his commitment to the community and it takes a team to do it.  Join him and the newly formed, Victoria Hurricanes, as they march on to help the community that they call home.  To help, simply email him at