Victoria Hurricanes Call It a Career

After several months of looking to keep the Victoria Hurricanes in operation, Team Owner Rudy Guzman has ceased the operations of the Victoria Hurricanes organization.

After ten seasons, three CRAFL Bowl appearances, and two CRAFL Bowl championships, Guzman has retired as a 2017 Minor League Football Hall of Fame inductee and will enjoy time with his grandchildren.

Guzman may be retiring to be a grandpa, but he was a father figure to many of his players that played for him on his Texan/Hurricane teams.  He leaves a legacy of football and giving as he started the CASA Bowls when the team was called the Victoria Texans.  The CASA Bowls were to help the Golden Crescent CASA organization that was played for several seasons until the team moved to Bay City.

The Bay City Texans played in the Dynamic Texas Football Association for that year.

The next year, the team was re-named the Victoria Hurricanes and returned to the league that the Texans had played in for most of their seasons, the Crossroads Amateur Football League aka the CRAFL.

The team played from 2017 until 2019 in the CRAFL and won a championship in 2017 defeating the Wharton County Panthers for Guzman’s second championship.  

The Texans won their first in 2013 both with Corey Boyd as the head coach.  The Texans were also the 2A Team of the Year and “Showtime” Williams was the 2A Player of the Year.

Along with all of their success’, the team also lost members of the team in their time on the field.  In 2013, Quinten “Supahman” Moore, Jr. passed just before the championship game.  In 2017, “Bobo” Williams and Coach Roy Moore also passed away during the offseason.

With all of the wins and losses, Guzman continued putting out a product that allowed many players to have one more chance at some gridiron glory.

For the first time since 2009, there will not be a semi pro team in the Victoria area.  His former GM Jeff Magnia re-started the trend with the Victoria Red Rage then with the Golden Crescent Raiders eventually merging the Texans and Raiders to one team.

On behalf of the Victoria Hurricanes, we would like to thank all of our fans for their continued support throughout the years.

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Former Victoria Texans GM, current broadcaster, Minor League Football Hall of Fame Class of 2016, and current co-owner/GM of the Crossroads Cowgirls.

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